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Whether you’re after tips on the basics, like how to banish flakes and scalp worries, or you’re looking for inspiration for a fresh new style, you’ll find something here to help with every step of your routine.

Men’s hair has its own unique needs, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Leading on from our original dandruff-fighting shampoos, we’ve developed a line of products to make sure your entire regimen is covered from cleansing to styling. What’s more, every single one has anti-dandruff ingredients, which means protection from flakes.



Shampoo and conditioner

Give your hair and scalp the best care from the start. Our shampoos and conditioners are uniquely formulated to give you 72 hour protection from dandruff and itch.


Whether you prefer a sleek or textured look, you’ll always find a product that’s strong on performance and kind on scalp with our NEW styling collection.

For men only

Everything you need to stay flake free, whenever, wherever.


    Washing your hair

    Washing your hair seems straight-forward, but did you know that you can unlock lots of hair and scalp benefits by washing in a certain way?


    Styling your hair

    Not sure which product will get you the look you want? We’ve got you covered.


    Grooming and beard

    Your beard completes your look, so keep it looking sharp and, of course, flake-free.


Watch barber and Head & Shoulders ambassador Justin Carr’s tips for keeping your hair and scalp looking healthy and fresh.


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What is pomade and how to use it

Hair pomade might have risen to popularity in fifties barbershops, but in recent years it has made an astonishing comeback in men’s hairstyling.

Stop Cleaning, Start Deep Cleansing

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